Save Our Refunds (SOR) is a Lakewood community group advocating to vote NO on Lakewood 2D so that we retain our refund from excessive tax collections.  For year 2017-2018 the annual refund from the City of Lakewood is $12.5 million dollars.

You can use your refund to empower your life.

FAQ ~ Where does the refund come from?

The City of Lakewood has collected excess money under the Colorado Constitution and the money is supposed to be refunded to taxpayers.

Sales and property taxes have dramatically increased, along with additional revenue from fees and regulatory licenses.  These excess revenues for fiscal year 2017 amount to $12,536,504, which is to be refunded to citizens.  The pain that residents suffered from the 2017 hail storm are partially responsible for the excess revenue – that’s money that WE paid to the city to repair our damaged property.

The reasoning behind the Colorado Constitution amendment is that public agencies should not grow faster than the economy can support.


Honor Every Individuals Choice.

CHOICE – Respecting every person’s right to choose.   The determining factor in this ballot issue is all about WHO will decide how to spend YOUR MONEY.   You or the City?

A NO vote allows each individual to make their own choice on how their refund will be spent.

In 2017, the city of Lakewood collected over $12.5 million dollars more than what the state constitution allows them to keep and this windfall must be returned to the taxpayers of Lakewood.

What does that mean to you?  Currently this excess amounts to a refund, in 2018, that averages out to about $85/person (man, woman and child).  Do the math – $12.5 million divided by 150,000 residents averages out to almost $85/each.  For a family of four this refund jumps up to over $300.  And this is only for the first year.

This refund is just the FIRST year of NINE proposed years that the city would keep your money. Don’t let the city continue to take your hard-earned money and misuse it.

No one knows how much more excess revenue will be collected in the next eight years.  Compared to last year’s $12.5 million – could be more, could be less.  Over nine years there is no telling how many hundreds, even thousands of dollars your family will be giving up.

Does the city need the money?  Of course not.  Lakewood has enough money to pay for all the services we need.  There is no shortfall, and no one is claiming there is.  In addition, the City has about $30 million dollars sitting in the bank as reserves for a rainy day.

Can politicians think of some nice things they could spend more money on?  Sure, there are always more things and services we could buy, but do we really need it or are we just chasing after someone’s wish list?

A NO vote allows each individual to make their own choice how their refund will be spent:

(1) spend your refund on your own family,

(2) donate your refund to your favorite charity, or

(3) if you really think the politicians and bureaucrats know best, you could donate your refund to the city.

Whatever you decide is fine.  But the point is, you made the choice, not someone else for you.

$300 for a family of four may not be significant to some but to others it can make a significant impact.  Think of the clothing or school supplies it can buy for children or the food for senior citizens on a limited budget.   Donate it to your favorite charity.

Your ultimate decision is WHOM do you TRUST with your refunds over the next nine years?  Do you place your trust in the government (politicians and bureaucrats) or do you trust your own judgement?

Trust yourself.  Trust your neighbors enough to allow them to make their own choices.

Vote NO on Lakewood 5D and give each individual their choice on how to spend their money.